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Frequently asked questions about car subscriptions

Monday, May 8, 2023

What is a car subscription and how does it work?

A car subscription is a flexible alternative to traditional car ownership, where you pay a fee to access a vehicle without having to worry about long-term commitments or ownership. You can select a vehicle online and pay the subscription fee. You can then use the vehicle for a set period andreturn it at the end of the subscription period.

What are the benefits of a car subscription compared totraditional car ownership or leasing?

Car subscriptions offer several advantages over traditional car ownership or leasing, including flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. You can switch between cars as your needs change, and you don't have to worry about long-term commitments or resale value. Additionally, car subscriptions typically include maintenance, insurance, and roadsideassistance, making them a more comprehensive option than traditional leasing.

Can I cancel my car subscription at any time?

Yes, most car subscription providers in Australia offer flexible cancellation policies, allowing you to cancel your subscription at anytime. However, some providers may charge a cancellation fee, so be sure tocheck the terms and conditions before signing up.

Are there any additional fees or charges associated witha car subscription?

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, you may be required to pay a one-time registration fee or a security deposit. Some providers may also charge extra fees for additional drivers, excess mileage, orlate payments.

What happens if I exceed the mileage limit on my carsubscription?

If you exceed the mileage limit on your car subscription,you may be required to pay an excess mileage fee. The fee varies depending onthe provider, but it is typically charged per kilometre over the limit.

Can I add additional drivers to my car subscription?

Most car subscription providers in Australia allow you to add additional drivers to your subscription, although some may charge anadditional fee. The additional drivers must meet the provider's requirementsfor age, driving experience, and licence status.

Are there any restrictions on where I can take the carwith a subscription?

Most car subscription providers in Australia allow you totake the vehicle anywhere within the country, although some may haverestrictions on driving in certain areas or on unsealed roads.

Be sure to ask your car provider in regards to the above, as all car providers may be different.

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